Dropping pixels, fixing breakpoints, building roadmaps.


I share an unbiased passion for design and technology. In 2009, I had to pick one of my passions to pursue academically. I opted for the latter and studied computer engineering. Outside the classroom, I freelanced as a designer, worked with a few startups and took small steps up the big ladder. In 2013, I joined Adobe as an Experience Designer for Creative Cloud Web.

The intersection of design, technology, data, and empathy is where my passion lies. Solving problems and connecting with the end user is what drives my passion for building product. My interest spans across design to writing code, while trying to balance it with research & data. Working across different domains, multiple mediums, disparate personas and overlapping goals is what makes design exciting for me.

I continue to work on personal projects in my free time. I also enjoy playing soccer, hiking around San Francisco, speaking at events and swimming in the Bay.

Currently shaping the next generation of design tools at Adobe. I work as a Sr.Product Manager on Adobe XD in San Francisco. Adobe XD is a new screen design and prototyping platform, built around the design process itself. More about my journey on LinkedIn