TEDx Masala 2013

On 12th January 2013, Bombay Connect organised TEDxMasala 2013 in Mumbai. The theme for the event was – “What if…” which basically looked at accessing new perspectives by framing old questions differently. I was lucky enough to be a part of the event as their official design partner. Over a period of 3 weeks I worked with a bunch of creative marketing and social media partners to help build promotional and event specific collateral. I executed several designs that were tailored for online as well as offline promotion.

Design & Visuals

TEDxMasala Theme Poster
TEDxMasala Speaker Poster
TEDxMasala Event Poster
TEDxMasala Marketing Material
TEDxMasala Facebook Countdown
TEDxMasala Facebook Post Speaker Announcements
TEDxMasala Facebook Cover Photo
TEDxMasala Facebook Cover Photo
TEDxMasala Facebook Cover Photo
TEDxMasala Season's Greeting


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