The main idea behind this personal project was to rethink what it meant for social bookmarking. I spent some time trying to understand what we save on the web and what we do with it. Curation and sharing are 2 important aspects of bookmarks and saved content. I tried to explore a plugin for the browser that allows the user to sort his saved content into the most relevant way. Adding a layer of sharing allows the user to quickly branchout the content from his browser to different mediums.

Design & Visuals

Similar to a Trello board, a user can save links, text snippets and media on different stacks. Links get saved in the form of tiles with a quick preview.
Clicking on a saved tile in a stack reveals more options and meta data. In this case a user can directly push this link to a desired Slack Channel.
Another example of how a user can quickly save text snippets to his notes using Evernote.
Search is another important capability required while dealing with large volumes of saved content.
This screen demonstrates how a user can customize or edit the properties of a particular stack.
This screen demonstrates the setup and bookmark migration for the browser.
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