The Team

Who are we?

We are just a bunch of final year engineering students from Mumbai University who decided to do something that was completely beyond the scope of our syllabus. This website is what we came up with for our final year project.

Jonathan Pimento

Jonathan Pimento is a computer engineering student and is responsible for the site's HTML/CSS and design. Apart from that all the visual graphics and Augmented reality models for the planets were created by him. He is also a freelance graphic designer and looks forward to getting into UX and UI Design to combine his passion for design and technology.
Knowledge of: Action Script, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL

Kennoel D'Abreo

Kennoel D'Abreo is a computer engineering student and is responsible for a major chunck of the Augmented Reality modules along with all the textures and 3D Modelling that was required. He created the modules for the musical instruments. Apart from that Kennoel is probably the only team member who slept the most. He loves paperclips, watches and lives in Bandra but finds Mahim too far to travel to. Gamer, guitarist, artist and blogs only about Whatsapp. His Hindi is horrible. Nuff said.
Knowledge of: Action Script, HTML, CSS

Dylan D'Souza

Dylan D'Souza is a computer engineering student and is responsible for the site's PHP, Database and connectivity. He created the backend to store student data and subject data. Apart from that he also bought coffee for the team, took the dog for a walk and did the dishes. Dylan is a very kind boy. Dylan has 2 legs,2 hands and 2 eyes. Dylan is brown in color. Dylan is also very racist. Movies, games and Reddit is his life.
Knowledge of: HTML, PHP, MySQL

Anuj More

Anuj More is NOT a computer engineering student. Period. He is an IT Engineering student. Yes. Big difference.Technically he can't be a part of this group , even if he wanted too. However Anuj is our go-to-guy when the shit hits the fan, tubelight, etc. Anuj fixed a lot of broken parts of this project even though he didn't have too. He fixed all our PHP issues and even help in optimizing the overall site. We call him our troubleshooting Ninja. He writes awesome code and loves indenting stuff. Works only on Linux systems and loves cats. Cats rule.
Knowledge of: PHP, MySQL, Java, C, Python and lots more.

What is this project?

We have a couple of videos here so that you can get a brief idea of how this platform works. The concept was to build an innovative and different platform that differs from the current scene of e-learning. This project was built in 2 stages. First we worked on building the individual Augmented Reality modules like the planets and instruments. The goal here was to allow the user to interact with the subject in a new manner. So we built the module in a way that allowed th user to experiment and interact with the content. We first worked with flash and action script and later integrated some HTML into it. After that we moved on to creating the website that would serve as the platform for all of this content. Users can create an account with basic information and study topics from the library along with test options. The scope for developing more augmented reality modules was limited since none of the team members were familiar with 3D Modelling or animation. However we managed to a certain extend.

1. Getting Started

This video explains how a user can create a profile and login to use all the features. This video covers all the features this platform has to offer.
Features covered:

  1. Manage Account
  2. Libraries
  3. Test
  4. User Profile
  5. Knowledge Center

2. Using the Libraries

This video explains how a user can use the library option. It explains how to download the marker and use the Augmented reality feature.
Features covered:

  1. Library layout
  2. Downloading Markers
  3. Using the AR Modules
  4. Taking Test
  5. Adding to Notes

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